What is the program “ Energy efficiency” ?



It is a co funded program that provides incentives for people to improve the energy efficiency of their home, saving money and energy and increasing its value.

The buildings sector is the largest energy consumer in the country. The buildings in Greece are responsible for approximately 36% of total energy consumption while in 2000-2005, they increased their energy consumption by 24%.

This program provides financial incentives from 15-35% in the form of subsidy and covers a total budget of up to 15.000€ (VAT included) for works relating to change of frames, insulation materials, and upgrading of the heating and hot water system.

Houses that can be subsidized are apartments, condominiums, townhouses that:
• Have been constructed before 31/12/1989
• Be the first of second home
• Be located in residential areas where its price is up to 2100€ per square meter.

If the owner meets the basic requirements they can address to the energy auditor in order to conduct the first energy inspection. After inspecting, all data such as energy class space, the required interventions to save energy, the percentage of energy savings expected are reported.