GT - XPS 450




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GT-XPS 450 High Resistance boards are used on floors that receive high mechanical stress such as car parks, roads, industrial flooring, and refrigerators.

APPLICATION: Surfaces of Parking Areas

In areas of continuous circulation of heavy vehicles like parking spaces and industrial floors, insulation is subject to continuous mechanical pressure. GT-XPS 450 High Resistance boards are not affected by weather conditions and changes in mechanical stress and therefore are to meet the most demanding constructions.

APPLICATION: Chilling Rooms - Refrigerators.

The exceptional quality of the GT-XPS 450 High Resistance boards for the floors, walls and ceilings in the chilling rooms’ application, comes from the high resistance of the material in compression and the unique ability against cold and heat conditions.

Dimension: 2,50m x 0,60m and thickness from 70 - 160mm

Packaging: polyethylene bag closed on 6 sides

The above mentioned product is produced in all sides’ configurations.

Upon request it is possible to produce different thickness and dimensions.


Thickness in mm pcs / pack m³/pack m²/pack
50 8 0.600 12.00
75 5 0.560 7.50

*Dimensions: 2500mm x 600mm

Sides’ formation: xps1