GT-XPS HP High performance Extruded polystyrene






GT - XPS HP 250

General Use




GT - XPS HP 350

General Use / Roofing




GT - XPS HP 280





GT - XPS HP 300

Panel Facade





The GT-XPS HP (High Performance) is a new foam extruded polystyrene product that offers lower thermal coefficient λ value as well as higher thermal resistance Rd versus the conventional product GT-XPS.

This new product is available in the following types:

  • GT XPS 250 HP Wall Type – Roofing
  • GT XPS 280 HP Beton Type - Concrete
  • GT XPS 300 HP Panel – Panel Facade
  • GT XPS 350 HP General Use / Roofing

We advise that all foam extruded polystyrene products of our company are completely free of CFCs and HCFCs and are produced with our new technology of gas agents CO2 process.

All measurements of are foam extruded products are conducted ny Europena Notified Bodies.

The packaging of the products GT-XPS HP does not change relatively to the conventional product.