The insulating boards EPS 100 or A6 of expanded polystyrene are suitable for the external insulation of old and new houses. The 4 lateral sides of the boards prevent from thermo bridges while the thermo conductivity coefficient λ=0.034 W/mK contribute the energy efficiency of a building, keeping the heat in the winter and the cool in the summer.

pdf Specifications in pdf.


ΚΧ (Τ10) - EPS 30
B1 (Τ12) - EPS 30
A1 (Τ15) - EPS 50
A4 (Τ18) - EPS 80
A4 (Τ18) BLUE - EPS 80
A6 (Τ20) - EPS 100
A8 (Τ22) - EPS 100
A11 (Τ25) - EPS 150
A6 (Τ30) - EPS 200

* Dimensions: 2000mm x 1000mm ή 1000mm x 500mm

Sides’ formation: xps1